Wild Orchid is a family-run restaurant opened in 2004 by Po and Ea Lim, later assisted by daughter Laelia.  We have a relaxed atmosphere and want you to feel part of our family, and never hurried. 


Our focus is traditional Thai cuisine with a few Chinese dishes to round out the palate.

If you’ve never tried Thai cooking, you’re in for a treat.  There are dishes for every taste, be it sweet (Honey Walnut Prawns), spicy (Thai curry dishes), or mild (Summer Basil Salad).  All of our spicy dishes are made to order, so you can try these wonderful flavors at the heat level that’s right for you.

Our customers often become so attached to their favorite dishes that they are tempted to order them exclusively (we have one customer who has consistently ordered the Green Curry Beef every visit since we opened in 2004).  But we encourage you to try the many flavor combinations Thai food has to offer.  All are part of the same family but each has its own distinct character, and we’re happy to help you choose.


Our owner and Head Chef Po Lim was born in Cambodia; Mrs. Lim in Thailand. 

Mr. Lim escaped Cambodia just after the rise of the Khmer Rouge, and immigrated to France, where his uncle was a chef and his brother a restaurateur.  There he learned the restaurant trade and the culinary arts from chefs specializing in Cantonese, Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese Cooking.

Mr. Lim immigrated to the US in 1994, starting a Thai restaurant with his extended family. 

In 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Lim branched out on their own to open Wild Orchid.  They chose the Tacoma area in particular for the relaxed atmosphere, beautiful mountain, peace and quiet.

Mr. Lim speaks English, French, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, and Cambodian; conversation with customers from nearly anywhere in the world is easy for him.18679121_m.jpg